Hidden Gems In Your Retirement Plan

If you’re like most people, you probably have some financial accounts that you haven’t paid much attention to recently. The statements are just collecting dust in your file cabinet, but they might actually be hidden gems that could be put to much better use. Let’s talk about some of the accounts that people tend to ignore for too long.

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“Fake News” Impacting Your Finances

The term “fake news” has become synonymous with the political climate of the past few years. But the phenomenon has spread to other parts of our culture as well. What about fake news in the financial space? We’ll look at some recent news headlines to see if they qualify to be labeled as “fake news”.

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5 Simple Retirement Questions (That Are Hard To Answer)

Some of retirement planning’s most important questions seem so simple at first. They can be asked in just a few words and give the impression the answers are a simple “yes” or “no”. But it’s tricky because many of these questions can become overwhelming to answer. Let’s cover some of the important retirement questions that are harder to answer than you might think.

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